Why Backups Are Important For Your Organisation

There has been a massive increase in ransomware and other data-breaches over the last few years and increasingly so during the COVID-19 pandemic period which has reinforced the importance of data security. Many large corporations already have relevant processes in place to ensure data security, however, when  it comes to the small to medium enterprises there is potentially a misconception that they are less likely to be targeted however, stats and experience have shown differently. These breaches aren’t the only cause of data loss, as there are numerous other causes. The question is not about whether you will lose data for one reason or another, but do you have the right solution in place to recover the data when the need arises?

A backup solution is important for any business because:


1. Preventative measures don’t always work

It is agreed that businesses should take proactive measures in ensuring they are secure with network security solutions, however, from time-to-time, these measures are not enough and a breach does take place. Every organisation needs to think about the aftermath of a data disaster, which could come in the form of a breach, a natural disaster or a variety of other situations.


2. Internal threats often go unseen

A disgruntled employee is something every business should be ready for because a disgruntled employee is capable of many things, including theft or destruction of business-critical data, without the correct security controls being put in place. Maybe you don’t have a disgruntled employee, but we are all human and mistakes happen and often with a click of a button entire databases of information can be destroyed, leaving you in a sticky situation to say the least. 


 3. Customer loss is a hefty consequence

When it comes to data loss, there is more at stake than just the data but your entire organisation is at risk due to reputation damage which can easily be caused due to data loss. Consider a business that runs an investment portfolio that loses its clients historical investment records, or a medical facility that loses all of its clients past medical records. Examples of huge reputation damage include Salesforce that lost four hours of transactions and customer data in 2016, TalkTalk thart lost £60m after a major hack in October 2015, after IT costs and the loss of 101,000 customers, along with many other large corporations. 


These aren’t the only reasons, because the reasons are endless in today’s digital age why backups are critical to any business but, these factors alone should make you consider, whether you are a large or small organisation, how quickly you are going to get a backup solution in place to protect your organisation from potentially business-crippling data loss.



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