Managed IT Solutions That Work

all our managed services are built to work, and built to fit in with your budget. With our subscription model, you get the services you need at one small monthly charge per user. No fuss.

Smart, Managed IT Solutions To Keep Your Business Focused on Business

Do you find that you only discuss IT support issues when you’re staring downtime and business interruptions in the face? This is not the way to handle business critical resources when you’re a growing business.

It’s for this reason that you need to partner with a managed services provider like us. We understand that no two businesses are the same and your business goals are unique to you. Our team provides a strategic IT support service that is built for the flexibility that modern businesses require, and that aligns itself with your business as it changes shape.

The great advantage of Now Wena’s Managed Services is that your IT environment will be monitored 24/7 by our expert technicians.

Each of our solutions are proactive in managing different aspects of your IT that are critical to a secure and successful business operation. Our subscription-based model, ensures equality so that you receive the service and support you deserve when you most need it.

By working with us, you not only get the experience you desire, but you deal with a company that is backed by a holding company with more than 18 years in the technology sector, so you can be sure we are not going anywhere. 

Do You Have A Dedicated IT Person Who Needs Help To Monitor And Maintain Your Users, In A Co-Managed Environment? 

We proactively monitor and maintain your company’s entire technology infrastructureOur Managed IT Support contracts are tailored to your needs and you can budget safely based on our predetermined monthly costs 

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Managed Services

You’ve never experienced proactive IT management, the only time you discuss IT is when you’re staring downtime and business interruptions in the face. We offer a proactive approach to managing your IT so that when issues arise it can be fixed quickly, to reduce downtime and business interruptions, so you can keep bringing money into your business.

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Managed Infrastructure

We provide a managed approach to taking care of your network using a combination of human and AI skill to keep your network running smooth.

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Cloud Services

A cloud email and server solution allows you scalable resource use as your business requires it at flexible monthly costs meaning no upfront capital expenditure and minimal monthly charges based on your usage.

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Dark Web Monitoring

Do you know if your stolen credentials are somewhere on the dark web where cybercriminals can buy it and use it to infiltrate your personal or business network, systems or software? With Darkweb monitoring, we keep track of your details on the darkweb and alert you so you can respond to stop a potentially costly and wideaspread data breach.

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Bullphish Phishing Simulation

Informed staff are prepared staff, and when it comes to phishing, preparation could be your biggest money saver. Security awareness training and phishing simulations go hand-in-hand, so we offer them as a bundled package, training your staff through videos and other online resources sent directly to their emails and then testing them through simulation to see their growth in awareness.

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My Glue Password Manager

Ever had to write down or email a password to your employees? Definitely not a secure way to get them those highly-confidential details. Now there is a way to securely create, maintain and share your passwords with your team without ever having to do that again. Stored passwords can be accessed on any device using the web app, mobile app or web pages using the  Chrome browser extension.

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Graphus Email Protection

Email is the most successful delivery method for the most costly cyber attacks including ransomware, credential theft and business email compromise. With Graphus, your email is protected by artificial intelligence that analyzes, scans and learns to keep its defenses strong against any potential threats that try to make its way into your inbox.

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Firewall as a Service

Benefit from a powerful firewall solution that proactively protects your network through advanced firewall rules and automation from leading firewall manufacturer Cisco. Our FaaS solution is backed by a team of expert security specialists, that ensure your firewall stays on-top of your security needs.

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