Managing your IT documentation has never been simpler

IT Documentation

In an increasingly complex computing environment, having an in-depth knowledge of what is happening in your business network is becoming an absolute necessity for many companies, both small enterprises and large, because even smaller businesses have more technology than employees in most circumstances.

With this increasing network complexity, an IT documentation software solution will form the backbone of all the processes, decisions and planning related to your network environment. Whether an organisation is needing to document ITIL, ISO 20000/ISO 27001 or COBIT, documenting and maintaining this documentation is time-consuming which is why organisations avoid pursuing IT documentation the way they should be.

IT documentation is usually separated into two parts, namely Process Documentation and Systems Documentation. Process Documentation does exactly that, it documents the details regarding tasks and steps that need to be completed, whether it be once-off during a specific project or process or repetitively at specific intervals and for specific purposes. Systems Documentation consists of documentation that describes the system itself (in this case any network related systems and parts) including requirements documentation, design decisions, architectural descriptions, program source code and more.

With our IT documentation framework, as part of our managed services solutions, we help businesses like yours to better manage their network information including asset tracking, relationship mapping, secure password management, access control, knowledgebase and SOP’s, workflows and more. By allowing us to help you manage your network, you can stay on top of your network and your internal IT processes. Our solution includes software to automate network discovery, documentation and diagramming which makes documenting less time-consuming, removing the need for additional employee expenses.

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