Geographically Dispersed Teams Can Still be Protected

The dynamic of the workplace is changing drastically post COVID with Gartner saying that as much as 41% of employees will continue working from home post-COVID. With this changing dynamic, businesses are being forced to adapt their networks and technologies to suit the new employee requirements.

One of the big factors in teams that are dispersed is security. How do you protect and manage your users when they aren’t sitting behind your on-premise firewall, with your IT team at their beck-and-call? Well, businesses have had to adapt, but technology has been prepared for this and there are some great solutions out there to protect and manage your business and your employees. If you’re reading this, you’re not too far away, because we have each of these solutions ready to be implemented into your business, quickly and affordably.

Protect your remote users from online threats

Protecting your users from threats when they are not in the office does not need to be a nightmare and does not need to cost your business exhorbitant amounts. With our FaaS (Firewall-as-a-Service) solution, users can be protected with a solution that allows:

  • Site-to-site VPN’s with only a few clicks over a WAN link
  • Seamless and secure remote connection via Wi-fi over an encypted tunnel
  • End-user device security when off-network

By employing this solution, users can connect seamlessly to office applications, servers and files, as if they were in the office, with the same security protecting them from outside threats that try to gain access to personal information, such as ransomware and malware.

Monitor and repair devices in-and-out of office

There is a saying that goes, “A good craftsman never blames his tools”, but this saying is not true when it comes to anyone working with technology, because at some point technology fails you and murphy’s law says its when you have a big deadline looming. With a remote monitoring and management solution, there is a way to ensure all your employees stay productive through a proactive approach at managing software updates, hardware failures, security and more.

For geographically dispersed teams, this can be a biggie because where users previously would have been suddenly hit by downtime due to a hardware or software failure, with an RMM solution, IT teams can be aware of potential risks before these risks adversely affect the users, which reduces downtime and increases productivity, and allows dispersed teams to take the necessary steps to ensure their issues are resolved before it affects their looming deadlines.

What’s more is if your service provider is offering you a security-centric approach to your RMM solution, this will also improve your overall user security at no additional cost because these daily security tasks are built into the standard daily monitoring and management processes that are performed. In addition, for a small additional fee, further integrated security measures can be implemented such as endpoint anti-virus which will further protect user devices from security threat whether they are in-or-out of office.

Manage your teams as if they were in the office

Now, when we think of remote work, many business leaders think that with the lack of direct person-to-person management, their teams will slack and spend most of their time on social media, or playing games, but there are ways to manage your employees and their devices even when they are off-site.

With some of the solutions offered by MSP’s (managed service providers) like ourselves, business leaders can:

  • Track application usage to ensure employees are using company software safely and efficiently
  • Manage employee attendance by checking logging in and logging out times
  • Monitor web and social media activity during business hours and even block specific sites or types of sites during specific hours
  • See active and idle times of each of the employees in any given day or week

With these types of solutions in place, the switch over to remote work does not have to be as stessful because it allows business leaders to maintain a finger on the pulse of each of their employees to ensure that no matter where their employees are, it is business as usual.

If you’re a business owner or manager and need to implement these solutions to help manage your remote working employees, why not give us a call to get a full solution scope, specific to your organisations requirements.

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