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Dark Web Monitoring

Do you know if your stolen credentials are somewhere on the dark web where cybercriminals can buy it and use it to infiltrate your personal or business network, systems or software? With Darkweb monitoring, we keep track of your details on the darkweb and alert you so you can respond to stop a potentially costly and wideaspread data breach.

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Bullphish Phishing Simulation

Informed staff are prepared staff, and when it comes to phishing, preparation could be your biggest money saver. Security awareness training and phishing simulations go hand-in-hand, so we offer them as a bundled package, training your staff through videos and other online resources sent directly to their emails and then testing them through simulation to see their growth in awareness.

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My Glue Password Manager

Ever had to write down or email a password to your employees? Definitely not a secure way to get them those highly-confidential details. Now there is a way to securely create, maintain and share your passwords with your team without ever having to do that again. Stored passwords can be accessed on any device using the web app, mobile app or web pages using the  Chrome browser extension.

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